If your relationship is not working, here are 3 reasons why you break up and move on with your life, never try to be a manager in toxic relationships.

Love goes where love is they say, true but do you know the agonizing part? Seeing your lover, the one you thought was your match made in heaven drifting away from you. Many are left with limited options and hence struggle in making the right decision. Reading these three reasons why you should let them go, I hope will bring you some clarity on your dilemma.

You are not here reading this by mistake. You’re here because you need help deciding your way forward. There is no definite definition for love if you’d ask me. To me, love is finding your own damaged good and dedicating your life to making them a better version for yourself. Love isn’t I’m doing this for you so you can do this for me. It should be, I’m doing this for you because I want you to be happy.

Love with the right person is blissful. But when the spark is gone, it sometimes can’t be revived or sustained. When you love someone, you give them unlimited chances hoping they will change. It works most of the time because that’s what love is supposed to be about, fighting for each other and not giving up on each other.

And for this reason, many fail to realize certain ‘situationships’ are beyond repair. We love them so much that we can’t imagine living without them even when the signs clearly show they are far gone. But how long can you endure the love and passion turned to pain, anger, and sorrow?

Here are 3 reasons why you should break up

Sometimes don’t try to manage the relationship. Toxic relationships can never be managed so man up and call it a quit. These are reasons why you should break up:

1. Your peace of mind is paramount

It takes a sound mind to think productively. And to grow in spirit and in strength. So if their attitude is constantly undermining your peace of mind, let them go. It doesn’t matter how you feel about them. If you love them as much as you love yourself then you will let them go. Psychological stress can kill you eventually.

2. Some people will never change

Change is a gradual process but it’s not worth losing yourself over someone who is beyond transition. Love is hope and it’s the reason why we hold on to certain things hoping it changes. But we keep forgetting people change and some people don’t. You’re not God, you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change you might end up destroying yourself in the process. You can only endure enough before it breaks you. Simply let them go.

3. What is coming will most definitely be better than what is gone

Don’t let the fear of starting all over prevent you from saving yourself from psychological and emotional stress. It doesn’t matter the number of years or the amount of effort you have invested in the relationship, if it’s no longer healthy then move on. For what it’s worth, you gained valuable experience from it.

These 3 reasons why you should let them go may not be enough but I believe there will be countless signs in there showing you how toxic your current ‘situationship’ is, don’t ignore them because you love them. Just remember life is sometimes a gamble, and only the brave succeeds.

We fall, we rise. Cheers!

If I ever go missing, look for me in the cosmos because that's where my mind often wanders off to. Back on earth, I'm a passionate educator and I love writing.

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