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Xetoto Arts Festival: Four Youngsters Blend Arts And Culture Into Tourist Attraction In Volta Region

Xetoto arts festival has become an embodied custom in the traditions of the people of Anloland and its immediate surrounding communities.

Ghana has over the years witnessed a true display of arts, culture, and paintings made by raw talents who have nurtured truly their God-given gifts. Examples of these arts are seen in most of the country’s cities especially under the bridges in Accra, the country’s capital, and the all-known Chalewote festival by the people of Jamestown.

Well, there is a new generation of untamed talents from the Volta Region of Ghana who has defied all odds to put together a masterpiece of an arts festival, ‘the Xetoto Arts Festival’, to be hosted annually for many reasons.

Xetoto Art Festival
Xetoto Art Festival Cover

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But come to think of it, what is all this Xetoto festival about in the first place?

Xetoto Arts Festival In Keta, Volta Region, Ghana

The name Xetoto means; the rising of the sun, which is a typical one carved from the Tongu Ewe (Spoken by the people of Sogakope, Adidome, Tefle, Sokpoe, Vume, Adutor, Dabala, Xikpo, Tsavanya, Agbakope, Agbagorme, Lakpo, Volo, Mafi, etc)

This festival is organized to bring together youth in arts, comprising; fine arts, performing arts, and anything art with the main reasons of bringing out the god-given talents in the youth, promote tourism in Keta, promote arts from keta and also promote the culture of the Anlos.

Xetoto Arts Festival

Who Are The Brains Behind This Festival?

Four abled natives of the Anloland are the people to be thanked for this awesome initiative anytime. These people are;

1. Hughes Abdallah popular as Dat keta boy

2. Mawududzi Tameklo a.k.a Kelele

3. Carlton Bright a.k.a Spicer

4.  Edna Adzakey

Xetoto Art Festival

Amazingly all these four were born and bred in Keta. Maybe a reason they feel the need to contribute to the development of culture. All these youngsters except Carlton Bright attended the Keta Senior High School. Carlton however is a product of Anlo Senior High School.

And oh, you love the artwork, right? That’s because there is an amazingly creative person behind it all. The main artist on the side of this great arts festival is no other than Woedi-Atsu Simon who is best known as Khalifa.

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Grand Opening of Xetoto Arts Festival

The grand opening of this event was in 2019. The grand launching which was so colorful took place at the Keta Dzelukope post office.

Moving on, the venue of the launch, Keta Dzelukope post office has become the event’s main venue and anyone who wishes to enjoy the rich experience can just look out for the popular post office, opposite Keta ECG.

Xetoto Art Festival

As an annual event, it comes off every first weekend in November, a period that comes with the finality of the Hogbetsotso Festival of the Anlos hence you are killing two birds with one stone when making that decision to attend.

What Are The Event’s Schedule And Side Attractions?

Attending this celebration exposes you to tourist and historic sites in and around Keta as there would be excursions. You will also witness arts exhibitions, performing arts; i.e. theater, poetry, cultural dances musical performance, skate arts/display, Acrobatics, and many others.

Visitors would have amazing photoshoots, live portrait painting, and lots of entertainment of a lifetime.

Xetoto Art Festival

If you have not yet made plans for this, you are about to miss a lot of fun, grab your mobile or telephone and book a visit now for a life-long experience.

Here are excerpts from the last event, hope it causes goosebumps in you:

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