Worldometer Coronavirus Case Updates

Worldometer Coronavirus And Coronavirus Statistics tracker covers all the world’s records of the spread of the virus in countries and what these countries have done and are doing to control the impact and devastation caused in time.

The statistics provided across the Worldometer platform go a long way to cover total cases recorded in the world and respective countries, the number of recoveries made and the number of deaths recorded as well as the total number of vaccines in that country and the ones used on the population.

Worldometer Coronavirus And Coronavirus Statistics

Worldometer Coronavirus And Coronavirus Statistics

Worldometer, formerly Worldometers, is a reference website that provides counters and real-time statistics for diverse topics. It is owned and operated by a data company Dadax which generates revenue through online advertising.

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One of the very important topics that all countries in the world find interesting in the current covid-19 pandemic that has really gone a long way to harmonize the world although it is causing a lot of havoc in just a short time.

Worldometer has currently provided that, the virus has infected 234,522,749 across the world, with 4,796,388 people losing their lives in the process and 211,328,369 of the infected persons recovering.

About Worldometer Research

Worldometer Coronavirus Cases are updated on a timely basis for the world to be able to find out what going on as the organization is run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking