It’s a make or break fixture for the black stars tonight as they face their final opponent in Group C #TeamComoros. The Ghana team is currently sitting at 3rd place in Group C with 1 point. And Morocco at the top with 6 points. Will the team shine brightest tonight for the whole nation rallying behind them?

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We all hope to see. The Black stars have come under a lot of criticism lately over their abmysal campaign since the tournament began.  As it stands, things are not looking so bright for the team. They have to win tonights game convincenly with at least 3 goals.

Eventhough tonights opponent #TeamComoros is sitting at the bottom of the Group with 0 points. They won’t be an easy opponent for the black Stars tonight. You will definitely turn up big time with a point to prove against #TeamGhana.

The coach of the Blacks Stars in a press briefing yesterday made some pretty alarming comment on his current squad. He insisted there was enough time for him to prepare the team and there wasn’t the likes of Asamoah Gyan in the team now. This comments didn’t sit well some Ghanaian back home. A lot of people feel he is not prepared for the job judging from the excuses he keep making after each bad game.

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As we all wait and hope the Stars don’t disappoint us tonight. The sports minister Mustapha Ussif also added his voice by asking Ghanaians to be patient with the team ahead of tonights crucial fixture. We wish the team all the best tonight and we hope they make us proud.

Go Black Stars!

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