Who is Ruth Kadiri’s husband?; Celebrated Nigerian actress, movie producer, and screenwriter Ruth Kadiri’s husband’s details have been one of the most searched topics on google for some time now.

For a while now, many people say Ruth is married to her Nollywood colleague, Garbon-born Ghanaian, Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. But how true can this be?

In this article, we take our time to dig deeper into the personal life of Ruth Kadiri as we uncover the truth about her relationship, her husband and also fact-check if she is actually with Eddie.

Ruth Kadiri is a mother. She had a child in 2019 on August 26. She birthed a girl who she and her husband are really proud of.

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Is Ruth Kadiri married to Eddie Watson?

Ruth Kadiri is not married to Eddie Watson Jr. as many tabloids are circulating especially on social media. The images which are being of the two actors acting all cozy are stripped off a movie in which they were married and lived the best of their lives by traveling around.

Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson getting married in a movie

What is Ruth Kadiri’s husband’s name in real life?

In real life, Ruth Kadiri’s husband is called Mr. Ezerika. Rumor has it that both of them are colleagues in the entertainment industry of Nigeria.

Ruth Kadiri announced her engagement in December 2017 after she has declined to answer questions about her partner and relationship on so many platforms.

Ruth Kadiri and husband Mr. Ezerika

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