We Use Vibr3tars Because You Don’t Chcp Us Well-2 Ghanaian Ladies Descend

use vibrators

The use of vibr3tars by women has apparently been explained by two Ghanaian ladies who seem to be fed up with men when it comes to the actual ‘bedmatics’.

A video cited by us at from Ghbase captures two pretty women all dressed up in a well-built neighborhood bombarding Ghanaian men and explaining the reason a vibr3tar is always present with them.

According to these ladies, when it comes to dealing with the issues of intimacy, Ghanaian men are poor at it as such, they are not able to visit all the necessary places available in the gold pot. As this happens, they are left hanging hence the need to find a helper in the vibr3tar.

Are you surprised? Well, use a vibr3tar, or ask about how the feeling is like when using it and you might just understand where they are coming from with their comments.

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Use Vibr3tars

You might find these hilarious but these ladies mean business so try to understand from their point.

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