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The National Science and Maths Quiz has over the year developed into a celebrated festival all across the country and anytime the show is up, Ghanaians show so much interest.

But the question is, what happens to that student who is not bookish but talented and gifted with a craft? Well, there seems to be a swing at the events as celebrated teacher and philanthropist, Teacher Kwadwo calls on organizers of educational events to consider organizing a National Gift and Talents Show.

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Teacher Kwadwo and Some Kids


In every society, there are people who are actually different from others and this is actually a natural orientation.

This same scenario appears in the educational settings as there are students who are academically better than others. But that doesn’t make the less clever students lazy as they also have some attributes that are lacking in the clever ones.

The introduction of the new Basic Education Curriculum is to develop creative skills among learners. By this, there is the need to organize events that will harness the gifts and talents of these students and develop them.

According to the comic professional teacher, there is a need not to leave kids with special gifts behind as we develop the academically good ones.

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Just like we have “NATIONAL SCIENCE & MATHS QUIZ” don’t you all think we should also have something like “NATIONAL GIFT & TALENT QUIZ/SHOW” where students with “special scientific, Agricultural, Carpentry, etc…” talents from different SHS/JHS will come and compete & Show us what they can create(practically)then we give them the necessary support & push to achieve their dream for which will help the country?
..Anaa me kasa dodo?”, he said.

It is a fervent hope that this call materializes as we are in the 21st century and there is the need to take on the future.


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