The first gentleman to appear on episode 1 of Date Rush season 6 2022, Dennis has found love and the excitement of getting a date has got him prepared before even coming on set.

Dennis who is an actor has shared with the ladies some details about himself that could help them make their first-time decision of whether or not they want to go out with him and get to know more.

According to him, he is the kind of man that will treat a lady right without cheating on her in any way not even in his mind so anyone who decides to go out with him should rest assured that her heart is safe from a broken heart.

Answering why he is single and why he is on the Date Rush 2022 show, Dennis explained that he was involved in a vehicular accident that got his girlfriend admitted to the hospital and finally passed away after a week.

At the end of the storytelling, Dennis finally got a date for himself in Marie Shantel, a pretty dark-skinned lady who was so excited like she had also suffered to find love. Out of excitement, Dennis made a promise to Marie Shantel with a ring he came to the Date Rush show with. What a wow!

Watch Dennis make a love promise to Marie Shantel of Date Rush 2022 season 6 here: For the sake of the story, watch from the 21st minute.


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