Vin Diesel was a breakdancer back in the day. Yes! your favorite action movie star Vin Diesel was a great breakdancer turned rapper back in the 80s.

Here in this article, you will be having first hand videos of Vin Diesel doing breakdance. But before then, let me give you a brief background to the early days of Vin Diesel, where he actually started.

Born Mark Sinclair on the 18th of July 1967, the 54-year-old actor started out his early days by making a stage debut at the age of seven when he appeared in a children’s play Dinosaur Door, written by Barbara Garson.

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During his teenage days, Vin Diesel ventured into break dancing which was quite popular then. In fact, he revealed on the LiveKellyandRyan show that he used to breakdance at Columbus Circle and he actually got his first gig as a breakdancing instructor at the Washington Square Park.

Watching him display his breakdance moves back in the 80s only proved that he was destined for greatness. The fact that he has made it this far in this career is a true testament to his hard work and determination. He is truly an inspiration to us all, take this from me.

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Here is a video of Vin Diesel breakdancing back in the 80s:

Vin Diesel moving from being a breakdancer and a rapper to acting is a great vibe. If there is anything we can learn from Vin Diesel’s humble story then is to never give up on our dreams.

Personally. my admiration for this great actor has just gone up. Hope you enjoyed watching his videos as much I did.

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