A lady who looked so desperate to be married turned the hands of tradition and went down on her knees with a ring to propose to her boyfriend in a shopping mall while the public looked on in cheers.

Many people feel a woman sells herself short and cheap if she is the one asking a man she likes out but that doesn’t deter some women from going after their heart’s desires.

In this video, the lady went down on her knees and while holding the sparkling ring firmly asked her man to marry her, and without any form of hesitation, the guy agreed.

In the video, curious onlookers who were present at the mall at that time swarmed around them to witness the romantic moment and clapped for her gallantry.

Looking at the sight of it is heartwarming especially when the guy accepted her proposal without throwing any form of drama that comes normally with proposals.

Here is the video, please swipe for more:

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