Some SHS students allegedly destroy the farm of their headmaster over strict WASSCE invigilation. This is one of the weirdest things to have been done by students in the history of Ghana’s SHS education.

Information picked by has it that some students of Osei Tutu Senior High School have taken their destinies into their own hands and sorted out themselves with their assistant headmaster administration.

Image Source: YouTube

SHS Students Destroy Farm Of Headmaster

According to details made available by the individual who shot the video, these students cut down the entire plantain plantation of their assistant headmaster over the fact that he was too strict during invigilation he conducted in the ongoing West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination.

The Students did not only cut down the plantation but out of ego, they went on to leave a not to explain the reason for their action and the reason the headmaster had to go through such wickedness from them.

According to the note left behind, the unidentified student stated their intent to cause more pain should the headmaster, Mr. Aidoo continues being strict in subsequent examinations.

You can watch the video here below:

We hope these students are made to face the outcomes of their actions.

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