It’s interesting how children respond to little things that are not permanent and could be changed in just a little time. This is what exactly ace broadcaster Kwame Oboadie told his son to encourage him that life is a curve.

Born William Kwame Ofori, he has moved from the lower ground to become a nationally recognized events host and MC. On the back of this, he tried his possible best to calm the mind of his son who could not meet his target for the school term.

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In a self-recorded video, Kwame Oboadie took the time to give the best fatherly advice anyone can think of to his son. The boy was in tears after he couldn’t come first in his class at the end of the term.

Kwame Oboadie mentioned that being first in class does not make you a better person in life. Using himself as an example, he explained that though he has never been first in his school days, he has made it in life to offer him (his son) a better life.

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Oboadie who was a teacher himself asked the boy to wipe his tear and only focus on studying for better grades and not the competition.

Watch him here:

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