Slowly slowly, is warming up for another hit controversy in Ghana from the video she shared from TikTok on Instagram about Ghanaian politicians and the demise of her father.

Queen Afia Schwarzenegger in a new video which we believe to be just for fun said she cannot believe that she believed politicians till her father passed away.

We cannot ascertain the exact motive behind the caption made for the video. However, it looks like a political big man has disappointed Afia Schwar big time that she cannot keep her cool any longer.

Afia Schwarzenegger buried her father in the early part of the year 2022 after he passed away at the hospital following a sickness that got him hospitalized for some time.

We hope the controversial Afia does not start mentioning names soon. We only hope for the best from her as she has been calm in 2022.

Here’s the video:

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