Bogoso gas explosion puts many in dilemma as to whether any member of the Apiate community will still exist at the end of the day. Scores of people in the Apenti Community in Bogoso are feared dead after a massive gas explosion took on the community in the early hours of January 20, 2022.

Reports in the video form in circulation in Ghana share how an explosion of a vehicle carrying mining explosives occurred among people in the Apiate community, a town near Bogoso the Western Region of Ghana wiping out the entire community and leaving witnesses wondering whether anyone will make it alive.

In narrating the incidence, NADMO coordinator, Francis Abeiku Yankah said the incidence occurred around 12:30 pm on January 20, 2022, when a tricycle that is being used for commercial transport was involved in an accident and became the beginning of the dreadful explosion.

In his narration, the entire community has collapsed and it is difficult to disclose whether anyone can make it from such an explosion.

Watch the incidence here:

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