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The man in charge of Tiger Eye Pi, a journalism firm, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has explained the reason behind his decision to become an undercover journalist while growing up.

If you do not already know, Anas is a qualified lawyer aside from what he does in the field of journalism. This means that he knows what exactly he is doing when it comes to undercover.

According to Anas, he witnessed an event involving a notorious thief in his village while growing up that informed his decision of going into law and journalism.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas made this revelation about himself when he spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is what he said in his speech at the forum.

Anas said;

“While growing up in my little village, it is called Bimbila in the Northern Region, I learned a lot. Bimbila is predominantly a nomadic place and we usually live in round houses.

One incident happened one fine morning. A notorious thief was arrested and the community was very happy but within three days, this thief had been released.

And the reason given by the law enforcement agency was pretty simple, they had no evidence.

So as I grew up and became a journalist, I even saw this on a more wider scale. Because I realized that politicians sort refuge in saying where’s the evidence whenever civil society begins to question them.

With this thinking, I decided to have my own type of journalism. I look at three main things when I do my journalism. I name, shame and jail.”

Watch the video here below;

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