UTAG has been on strike for God knows how long now in order to demand the best for their works in the country but it is the innocent student who suffers the consequences of these actions and inactions by both the government and the UTAG members.

In the latest news on the UTAG strike update, we have received information that the university students have threatened legal action against the members of UTAG if they return to school without having their concerns for the strike solved.

According to the students, UTAG has already spent lots of money on sitting at the negotiating table to demand good conditions.

The students have already accepted that they have wasted monies spent on accommodation and other things so it will be best for the strike action to continue so that the lecturers get what they deserve.

Though it is an absurd story, we believe that these students are only looking out for their lecturers since they can only teach them well if they are treated well.

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