The has put measures in place measures to at various points in time promote employees who have been on a particular rank and have met the necessary criteria for their promotion. This article brings you some important updates regarding the GES scheduled nationwide promotion aptitude test.

The Service after receiving applications from suitably qualified applicants goes through the necessary procedures to sort out and shortlist applicants who satisfactorily meet the cut-offs for promotion consideration.

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Director-General, GES

So far, teachers across Ghana are agitated especially those who got into the service in 2016 and have since not been promoted to a single higher rank other than where they started. But all this is about to change.

A short presser issued by a member of the GNAT-GES negotiations team has given an overview of what teachers in Ghan should expect in the coming weeks from the Ghana Education service.

According to the grapevine statement, a meeting between GES Management and GNAT on the topic of delayed promotion saw some assurances from the government which members must know of and prepare accordingly towards.

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A Statement on GES Scheduled Nationwide Promotion Aptitude Test:

Yesterday in a meeting with GES Management, we were informed that Index Numbers for the upcoming promotion APTITUDE TEST will start trickling in.

When Candidates and Management are satisfied with the release of the Index Numbers and all rough edges are ironed out, a date within December will be fixed for the APTITUDE TEST.

Already, about 38,000 thousand candidates have been shortlisted for this important exercise.
Please keep studying hard and prepare well for the test.

We wish you well.
Thank you


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