The Unposted trained teachers from Ghana’s 46 accredited colleges of education now university colleges of education have taken a  bold step to call the government to do the needful in absorbing them into the country’s education service.

The group which is largely dominated by trained teachers from 2018 who have been the lab rats for the country’s teacher licensure scheme and some members of the 2017 and 2019 year batches have aired their displeasure on how difficult it is for them to live their daily lives without a job.

In a presser signed by Mr. David K. Aidoo, the president of the group and released on the Facebook handle of a former deputy general secretary of the Teacher Trainee Association of Ghana (TTAG) and the current deputy National TEIN Coordinator, Mr. Ekow Djan, the group seeks solution to this menace as soon as possible

Here is what is contained in the said presser:

Immediate Release


After several attempts to get the Ghana Education Service(GES) to post us having proven futile, we are by this release communicating to the Government to immediately employ us or face the wrath of Unposted Qualified Trained Teachers.

A week ultimatum has thus been given as we prepare to embark on a civil protest to openly register our displeasure for the government’s inability to employ us.

We have been home since 2018 after completing college. Unfortunately, the government is yet to communicate to us why we have been denied postings.

We have met all requirements set by the GES for postings yet we have been denied employment.
As we have indicated, we will fight until government employs us.

David K. Aidoo,

We hope that the listening government led by H.E pays attention to their cries and resolves this soon.

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