The most unimaginable thing has happened as a trainee teacher begins to showcase his feelings to Berla Mundi, and social media is reacting to it as usual.

If you are one of the people who does not believe in the doings of magic, it’s time you begin to fasten your belt and watch as a friendship develops among two people from different backgrounds.

Berla Mundi is a sociable Ghanaian media personality currently working with one of the country’s most-watched television channels, TV3 Ghana, as a co-host of the early morning show ‘Newday’ on weekdays.

Berla Mundi

Berla who is currently unmarried has no publicly known partner. Though she was in the past associated with gospel musician, Joe Mettle, it did not happen since the songster got married to someone else.

Well, in a twist of fate, a young man who is currently in his 400 level in one of the country’s University Colleges of Education has shown interest in the screen goddess with a social media love letter.

The young man who goes by the Facebook handle, Famepet Sedinams, comes from Mepe in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region. He has published a tall letter written for Berla and copied it to others.

Loverboy, Famepet Sedinams

Read the full LOVE LETTER here:


Aww Berla Mundi I swear I can kill any hidden Goliath for your sake. In fact, you are the mosquito that always have problem with my ear at night. You are the bird that wakes me up early in the morning through the windows of my heart, to keep my page updated.

I am honestly, sincerely, and madly in love with you, and I feel like shouting it loudly on the highest mountain to the whole world to hear. I want you to always be by my side every time, for I have found my eternity in you, my sweetheart.

Your smile sets my heart on fire and brightens up my life. You got the key to my heart, and you rule my whole world baby, and it’s the best feeling I have ever felt in my entire life. You make me feel like I’m in heaven with your unwavering affection.

In my intellectual capacity and my emotional equilibrium, I want you to know that tactically and tentatively, right from the beginning of times especially in the light of Ecclesiastes, m’aye ready papapaaaa nanso I depend on teacher trainees allowance for living. Be my companion my sweet smiley apple

Famepet Sedinams
CEO, Tongu Global

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A visit to his Facebook wall shows he is obsessed with her to the point that her pictures are all over the place. Well, we hope and pray he gets his desire.

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