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The most bizarre thing happened at Dough Mansfood, a restaurant in East Legon when two adult ladies engaged each other physically over what eyewitnesses report as ‘she has snatched my man’ incidence.

Earlier, at East Legon, two ladies whose identity as of now is not known engaged in a heated argument that de-escalated into the exchange of physical power in an eatery.

With the video available to us, it is understandable that one lady approached another lady who was out with a sugar daddy believed to be her man and immediately started attacking her.

The underlying reason, as many have speculated, was that the two were fighting over a sugar daddy who obviously has been a playboy the whole of his life and has decided to play the two.

Passes-by stood and watch the exchange of blows and to their greatest surprise, the sugar daddy instead of separating the fight rather drove off in his car to avoid embarrassment on his part.

Watch the video below;

Kennedy Hatekah

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