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Oftentimes, we those with little or no idea on air travel especially turn to be worried when w finally get the chance to travel. But for those who travel abroad as many times as they can remember, booking a flight or securing a Visa is no news anymore. But how can you plan and execute travel to UK from Ghana successfully?

In the midst of the covid pandemic, traveling across the world has been restricted in such a way that one finds it difficult in some jurisdictions to travel domestically. As the world is witnessing some positive stories from the introduction of the vaccines, we need to look at how traveling is now as compared to before covid and at the onset of covid.

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Travel To UK From Ghana

According to officials of the UK’s border patrol team, one must be willing to live by all the covid protocols before even considering traveling into the country. As the structure and prevalence of the disease are different from country to country, there is the need to have strict protocols for people from some countries while others have a little relaxed protocols.

The UK has been one of the hardest struck countries by the disease. The first thing you must look out for when you decide to visit the UK is to acquire a genuine travel visa from the UK embassy in your native country.

If you’re entering the United Kingdom from Ghana, you must note the following and comply accordingly before and after transit. You must know that what covid protocols apply to you depends on whether you qualify as fully vaccinated and where you have been in the last 10 days before your journey.

Most fully vaccinated travelers from green list countries including Ghana can enter England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland without a pre-departure negative test or quarantining, but they must do a test on or before day two of their arrival.

Non-vaccinated travelers can also visit the UK, but are subject to extra testing and quarantine requirements. You must get tested and hold a negative PCR test result of not more than 72 hours from an accredited institution. You can find information on red list countries here.


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