Tourist Sites In The Central Region of Ghana

Here is a list of tourist sites and attractive sceneries you should consider visiting in the Central Region of Ghana.

Taking time off your busy schedule to explore and experience nature goes a long way to improve the health of any individual.

By this, has compiled in this article, five of the most attractive, pleasurable, and memorable places in the Central Region you might consider checking out when planning your next trip.

Tourist Sites And Attractive Sceneries In The Central Region of Ghana

  • Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park has over the years been one of the most visited places in the Central Region. The park comes with a well-cared-for canopy walkway.

This forested parkland makes for a great day hike with fantastic views, especially from the wooden suspension bridges that soar a hundred feet overhead.

Tourist Sites In The Central Region
Kakum National Park Canopy Walkway            Image Source: Trip Advisor
  • Cape Coast and Elmina Castle

The Cape Coast Castle is one of the many castles built by the colonial masters at the time Ghana was Gold Coast and still under colonial rule. This 16th-century trading lodge located at a pretty ocean view now contains the Museum of West African History.

Cape Coast Castle      Image Source: Trip Advisor
  • International Stingless Bee Centre

The International Stingless Bee Centre (ISBC) is a sanctuary for stingless bees and a place of environmental education and ecotourism. Many people do not know about stingless bees. In addition to beekeeping, the ISBC also serves as a station for international research.

International Stingless Bee Centre     Image Source: Trip Advisor
  • Monkey Forest Resort

One of the places in the Central Region you need to watch out for in planning a trip to the Central Region is the Monkey Forest Resort. The place brings you closer to monkeys of different breeds and speeches.

Tourist Sites In The Central Region
Photos of Monkey Forest Resort        Image Source: Trip Advisor
  • Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park

Take a look at what our forefathers were taken through as we look at Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park. It is a tourist site where slaves had their last bath and we have the remains of some slaves buried there.

Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park         Image Source: Trip Advisor

Other sites include;

  • Global Mamas Cultural Workshops
  • Elmina lagoon

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