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Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry 2021: An Ewe Arts, Culture And Talent Hunt Contest

Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry 11

Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry is the new reality festival you must look out for among the people of the Ewe land who are mostly situated in the Volta Region of the country along the coastlines of Togo.

The cultural atmosphere of the Ghanaian people is deeply enrooted in every ethnic group such that it contributes immensely to the peace and tranquility enjoyed by the country all the years post-independence. This only goes to mean that, you cannot fight for peace without arts, culture, and festivals and over the years, festivals such as Hogbetsotso, Homowo, De Za, Te Za among others have proven beyond any doubt.

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Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry 2021
2021 Participants

Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry

Ghana at large has witnessed all forms of beauty contests including Miss Malaika, Miss Ghana, Miss Ecowas, Miss Hygiene, Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Miss Hogbe, and others. One thing the people are yet to witness is all-culture-centered pageantry that is dedicated to just a fraction of the people and one that will stand the test of time.

The introduction of the Torgbui and Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry is good news to the people of the Eweland and to the Ghanaian community at large. In definition, the word ‘Torgbui and Mama’ are used to depict an aged man and woman or grandparents respectively.

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Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry 2
2021 Participants

Organizers of The Pageantry

The event which took its seed among the people in 2015 is a proud initiative of ZADONU Africa Music and Dance Company, Ghana in mutual collaboration with ITour, Ghana.

Reasons Behind The Pageantry

As citizens who are poised to contribute their quota to the development of the Eweland and the nation through arts and culture, these are the reasons for the initiative;


TORGBUI & MAMA MISEGO Royalty Pageantry is a natural pageant for both genders ages 18+ in the Eweland Root of migration; offering a clean healthy, History and Culture competition while developing confidence in their Root.

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Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry 1
2021 Participants


An Iconic initiative of the Ewe people of Ghana and beyond, using TORGBUI & MAMA MISEGO to celebrate the unique Historical Festivals of the Ewe migration.

TORGBUI & MAMA MISEGO strives to strengthen appreciation for culture and support for the future preservation of Ewe

TORGBUI & MAMA MISEGO hopes to provide an opportunity to further their personal and professional goals, to express their viewpoints, talents, and accomplishments.

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Torgbui and Mama Misego
2021 Participants

Who Qualifies To Participate

According to the organizers of the show, every male who falls within the age bracket of 18-40 and every female who falls between 18-35 years and from the Eweland are qualified to partake in the contest for the grand prize.

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, you can register simply by sending your Name, Hometown, and Age to the number 026 496 7345 through a simple SMS or WhatsApp. You must note that REGISTRATION IS FREE.

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Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry Registration

What Are The Prizes

As is the custom of every contest, there is a prize to be won when you partake in the Torgui and Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry.

The first prize winner stands a chance of winning a car, GH¢5,000, a table top fridge, and a plot of land (in your hometown). The 1st and 2nd runners up will go away with GHC¢3,000 and GH¢2,000 and a table top fridge each respectively.

Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry Prizes

If you are looking forward to make further inquiries, you may contact 026 496 7245 or you can Follow Us On Facebook.

Torgbui And Mama Misego Royalty Pageantry 3
2021 Participants

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