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Good customer service is an attractive venture to spend resources on. The banking sector of Ghana comes with its own unique ratings and that makes some banks more beneficial than others. With this, what are the top banks in Ghana with good reception?

In this article, we will be focusing on a list of banks that are rated above others with specific reasons why the situation may be so in an instance where every bank is operating in the financial space.

There are various factors that account for good reviews from customers of a bank and knowing that factor as a manager of a bank or the CEO of one, will go a long way to inform your decisions.


Factors That Contribute To Good Bank Ratings

  • Customer relations
  • Availability of credit facilities
  • Low-interest rates on loans
  • An Improved loan repayment duration
  • Hight interest rates on investments
  • Electronic banking services like ATM and internet banking
  • Introduction of promotion packages

Any banking institution that holds in high-esteem the above-listed factors is poised for greatness in the banking space of Ghana since that satisfies customers.

Now that this is established, let us move on to look at the top banks in Ghana in current times according to customer satisfaction.

Top Banks In Ghana

The list below is not arranged in any particular or special order. This means that believe that these are the top banks here. However, do a little background check to pick from the lot.

The top banks according to BoG here in Ghana are made available below;

  1. CAL Bank
  2. Ecobank Ghana
  3. Fidelity Bank of Ghana
  4. GCB Bank PLC
  5. First Atlantic Bank (FAB)
  6. Access Bank
  7. Stanbic Bank
  8. Universal Merchant Bank Ghana Ltd
  9. National Investment Bank
  10. Prudential Bank Limited
  11. UT Bank
  12. ABSA Bank
  13. Consolidated Bank
  14. Societe Generale
  15. First National Bank


Year on year, more financial institutions are added to the list but whether they can be trusted or not is left to the industry players to evaluate.

Banks such as ADB bank, GT Bank, Ecobank, and others will remain favorites so if you really find this article informative, please go on to share it with a larger community of friends.

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