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Here we bring you our picks of the top 5 restaurants in New York City. These per our review are the best restaurants to visit when your land in the New York City of America.

The New York City of the United States is home to restaurants from different cultures and various types of cuisine are plentiful.

Though it is hard to pick out from the lot, we have finally based on reviews and recommendations from the public come up with five of the top-notch restaurants that everyone must visit once in the city.

In this article, find the five best restaurants in NYC, capturing all different types of tastes, budgets, and culinary desires.


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Top 5 Restaurants In New York City

1. The Best Oyster Bar and Seafood

There are many amazing food joints in New York City. But when you narrow it down to a desire for seafood and reasonable pricing, Pearl Oyster Bar would serve you better.

Name: Pearl Oyster Bar
Location:18 Cornelia Street
(between West 4th and Bleecker)
Contact: (212) 691-8211
4 stars 693 reviews

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2. Excellent First Date Pizza

Per customer reviews, New York City undeniably has the best pizza joints. So narrowing the list down to the one pizza spot to dine at can be difficult, to say the least.,

So we introduce you to Nick’s Pizza which has expanded its location to the Upper East, to the delight of many New Yorkers. Their pizza offers a thin and crispy crust, zesty sauce, and a touch of basil.

Name: Nick’s Pizza
Location: 1814 2nd Ave
(between 93rd & 94th St)
Contact: (212) 987-5700
4 stars 339 reviews

3. Steakhouse Dining

Keens Steakhouse, popular as the granddaddy of all NYC steakhouses is your preferred choice here. You can come here and certainly expect to spend, but the service and the delicious steakhouse would cater for the expense. The enormous steaks, wood-paneled decor as well as endless scotch selection that you will receive are well worth the investment for a true NYC steakhouse experience.

Name: Keens Steakhouse
Location: 72 W 36th Street
(between 5th & Ave of the Americas)
Contact: (212) 947-3636
4 stars 1405 reviews

4. Delicious Sushi

Sushi Azabu takes settles your search for authentic sushi all over the city. Boasting a solid five-star rating via various internet outlets, Sushi Azabu is known for its incredible ambiance and exquisite tasting menu for two. While you are still in New York, grab an exquisite sushi experience, which is not often an easy task to accomplish in New York City.

Name: Sushi Azabu
Location: 428 Greenwich Street
(between Vestry St & Laight St)
Contact: (212) 274-0428
4 stars 321 reviews

5. Soul Food

For a soul food restaurant serving up classic dishes that bring you right back home, look for Amy Ruth’s.  Their signature chicken and waffles dish do just that. Menu choices are named after African American notables.

Name: Amy Ruth’s
Location: 113 W 116th Street
(between 7th Ave & St Nicholas Ave)
Contact: (212) 280-8779
4 stars 1439 reviews

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