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Top 3 Laptop Models And Features That Supersede The Teacher Mate 1 (TM1) Laptop At Super Amazing Cost

  • Top 3 laptop brands and features that supersede the Teacher Mate1 (TM1) laptop.
  • Take a look at our three top-rated laptops that comes with better features compared to the Teacher Mate1 laptops for Ghanaian teachers.

The government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education, honoring the demands of three teacher unions in Ghana, procured and handed over some 350k laptops branded as TM 1 which is said to mean Teacher Mate 1 to the Ghana Education Service for onward distribution to all Ghanaian teachers.

According to the teacher unions responsible, the cost of the laptop which total GHC1,831 would be borne by both the government taking 70% and the teacher taking 30%. has in this article sampled three of the top-rated laptop models that come with better features.

1. Dell Latitude E5470 – Price: $315

The Dell Latitude E5470 HD is a super-fast Business Laptop Notebook PC that comes with;

  • Brand: ~Dell
  • Model: ~Latitude E5470
  • Precessor: ~Intel Core i5-6300U,
  • RAM: ~8GB
  • Storage: ~256GB Solid State SSD,
  • Connectivity: ~HDMI, Camera, WiFi, SC Card Reader)
  • OS: ~Win 10 Pro (Renewed)
Dell Latitude E5470       Image Source: Amazon

2. Dell Latitude E7450 14in HD – Price: $309.98

The Dell Latitude E7450 14inch HD is a High-Performance Ultra Book Business Laptop NoteBook. This amazing device comes with;

  • Model: Latitude E7450
  • Processor: ~Intel Dual-Core i5 5300U
  • RAM: ~8GB Ram,
  • Storage: ~256GB Solid State SSD,
  • Connectivity: ~Camera, HDMI, WIFI)
  • OS: ~Win 10 Pro (Renewed)
Dell Latitude E7450     Image Source: Amazon

3. Lenovo ThinkPad T450 14inch – Price $306.89

Check out also the Lenovo ThinkPad T450 laptop which performs high-ranking unimaginable processing jobs. This laptop comes with;

  • Model: ~Lenovo ThinkPad T450
  • Processor: ~Core i5-5300U 2.3GHz,
  • RAM: ~8GB Ram
  • Storage: ~250GB SSD,
  • OS: ~Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Lenovo ThinkPad T450    Image Source: Amazon


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