As much as you may try not to believe it, there is a high probability that Apple Technologies will release the Apple smart wedding ring into the market for lovers and couples. But what will be the features of this ring?

In our analysis from the initial reports we have gathered, Apple has no intentions of putting out such a device into the market, at least not now.

But we took out time to bring to you the features and functions of the smart wedding ring based on the description of its functionalities out there.

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Apple Wedding Ring Features

The Apple wedding ring comes with

  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone for recording
  • Storage/Memory
  • GPS/Maps

Apple Wedding Ring Functions

  • Recording the movements of the person wearing it
  • Showing the GPS coordinates of the person wearing it
  • Storing the recorded data
  • Recording audio conversations depending on the settings the user gives
  • Storing the recorded audio
  • Sync with multiple iPhones to transfer recorded data and many other special features.

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