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There is new education reform in Ghana as prepared and outlined by the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, and the National Council and Curriculum Assessment.

This education reform for Ghanaian schools is expected to kick off as soon as some ground works completed with regards to consultation of stakeholders of the education sector.

In this article, a detailed summary of the new education reform in Ghana has been presented accordingly to help you understand what exactly the regulatory bodies have put in place.

New Education Reforms In Ghana

1. Kindergarten, primary school, JHS, and SHS shall all be described as basic schools. JHS 1, 2, 3, and SHS 1 shall now be referred to as BS 7,8,9, and 10 respectively i. e. SHS 1 shall now be called BS 10

2. All students in JHS 1 – SHS 1 shall run a Common Core Programme called CCP which comprises 9 subjects; namely Maths, Languages, Science, RME (stand-alone subject), Physical and Health Education (not examinable), Career Technology, Social Studies, Computing, and Creative Art and Design.

3. A new examination called National Standard Assessment Test (NSAT) shall be conducted at Primary 2, 4, 6, and JHS 2.

4. BECE shall be replaced by placement exams at JHS 3 to enroll students into SHS 1.

5. Students in SHS1 shall continue to run the common core program for one year thus students in SHS1 shall not select Science, Busines or Arts Programmes.6. At the end of SHS1, Students shall write a Common Core Exams into SHS 2. is into SHS 21 very

7. At SHS 2, students will now have to select either a career-related program which includes vocational and technical programs, or a high school Diploma program such as science, business, and arts.

8. This means Elective subjects shall start in SHS 2.9. Wassce will be replaced by a university entrance exam at SHS 3.

10. Students after successful completion of SHS 3 will be rewarded a Diploma Certificate instead of a WASSCE certificate.

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