In this article, we have searched and have brought you some of the festivals in Ghana and their food, those who celebrate them as well as the time of the year these festivals are celebrated.

Over the years, the culture of Ghana has allowed the celebration of festivals mostly by the people of Ghana based on their ethnic origin. This has helped to keep the peace we need as a country. Find out the importance of festivals to Ghana.

The various ethnic groups in Ghana which include but are not limited to the Ewes, Gas, Ga Adangmes, Akans, Fantes, Akupems, Frafra, Dagombas among others have had their fair share of annual festival celebrations.

Learning about the festivals in Ghana and those who celebrate it will go a long way to help you pass on knowledge to the young ones about the heritage of Ghana and not only their immediate surroundings.

For instance, you should know that the Anlos in the Volta Regions are the celebrants of the popular Hogbetsotso Festival while the Gas mainly in the Greater Accra Region celebrates the Homowo Festival annually.

Here are other festivals in Ghana and their food so that you’ll know what you’ve signed up for.

Festivals in Ghana and their food

Festivals                                                 Those who celebrate it                Their Food

  • Hogbetsotso Festival                The Anlos                                    Akple
  • Homowo Festival                          The Gas                                       Kenkey
  • Kundum Festival                           The Ahantas/Nzemas           Tuozafi
  • Aboakyir Festival                    The people of Winneba              Fufu
  • Te Za                                             The people of Asogli in Ho        Yam
  • Asafotufiam Festival             The Ga Adangmes                         Banku
  • Odwira Festival                         The Akuapems                               Fufu
  • Dodoleglime Za                  The Ve Traditional Area in Hohoe      Akple
  • Dzawuwu Festival              The people of  Dabala/Agaves        Akple
  • Tortsogbe Za                          The people of Tefle in V/R          Akple

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