The importance of festivals cannot be underrated in any geographical setting because festivals go a long way to add value to our existence as people. In this article, we will take a look at the importance of festivals in Ghana.

What is a festival?

By definition, a festival is an organized series of events, concerts, plays, or films, typically one held annually in the same place.

In Ghana, festivals are celebrated based on ethnic and tribal basis and each ethnic group in the country has a unique cultural festival to display from time to time.

Now, the question is, what are is the importance of festivals in Ghana and how do we promote festivals to ensure that their goals are met? Come with me;

What is the importance of festivals in Ghana?

Find below 5 importance of festivals in Ghana. You can equally submit your thought on the top to us through the contact form in the comment section below the story:

1. Festivals promote

There are many and each of these tourist sites are located in a particular geographical confine. The good thing is that many of these places celebrate festivals and the time of festivals allows other people for domestic or foreign to come over and visit the tourist sites.

2. Festivals bring forth unity

In cases where people of the same ethnic group or tribe are in disunity, the celebration of festivals brings these people together giving them no choice but to smoke the peace pike.

This is because, during festivals, communal activities take place as well as spiritual purifications. All these involve people coming together.

3. Festivals teach customs

The customs and traditions of every land are passed on from one generation to the other. This is the reason why society is still surviving out here.

The celebration of festivals gives up the avenue for the elderly people and community leaders to talk about historical events and all that has happened in the past. They also teach why certain values exist and why they must be observed.

4. Festivals serve as a means of raising funds

Every society needs money to keep moving. In many communities, developmental works only take place if the natives contribute little funds to effect change.

During the celebration of festivals, natives living abroad or elsewhere in the country return home and this gives the chance for the community to raise funds. Also, dignitaries are invited and they also support with their widow’s mite.

5. Festivals promote inter-ethnic relationships

There have been some tensions among the various ethnic groups in Ghana. But the celebration of festivals has come to put those tensions aside.

During festivals, people from other tribes and ethnic groups travel to withness the culture being displayed. Sometimes, the leaders of other ethnic groups are invited to witness the events. These serve as a way of strengthing the relationships that exist.


In all, we have looked at the importance of festivals not just in Ghana but all around the world. The importance of festivals in Ghana are;

  • Festivals promote tourism
  • Festivals bring forth unity
  • Festivals teach customs
  • Festivals serve as a means of raising funds
  • Festivals promote inter-ethnic relationships

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