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The Best Festival In Ghana And Side Attractions of Its Celebration

Ghana over the years has grown into a big cosmopolitan country with foreigners from all over the world trooping into the country. One major reason behind the influx of foreigners is the rich cultural heritage and festivals of the people of Ghana. We are here with the best festival ever to be celebrated by Ghanaians.

By this, aside from the local languages, there are other foreign languages spoken all over the country as a result of foreigners staying back for obvious reasons and some naturalizing to become citizens. This is actually a good thing because it forms the basis of tolerance.

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Hogbetsotso Festival
Hogbetsotso Festival Durbar Ground

If you find yourself in Ghana, you’ll know that all over the year across the country, different tribes and ethnic groups have their own festivals to celebrate and each of these festivals is worth witnessing as they come in unique forms. But among the lot, there are those that you can’t resist every year.

In this article, we put across to you one of the festivals we regard as the best not because of its dominance over the others but based on patronage and external support.

This festival is the Hogbetsotso Festival celebrated by the people of Anlo who are made up of 36 clans from all over the coastal border with Togo.

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Cultural Display at Hogbetsotso Festival Ground

You may be wondering why the Hogbetsotso Festival instead of the others that are equally widely celebrated. Well, this is simple. We have previously mentioned that our choice is based on patronage and sponsorship from external sources.

This festival is one that is celebrated by 36 clans spread all over the Southern part of the Volta Region along the Ghana-Togo border. This should suggest to you how many people the festival caters to, right?

Also, the festival is celebrated for 2 months with different activities taking place daily over the period. Since this festival is dedicated to remembering the journey of the people from their slavery back in the day, there is also the imitation of the activities that happened then, a unique feature most festivals lack.

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Aside from the rich cultural and traditional displays that take place over the 2 months duration, there are always three unique mini-events that take place before the grand durbar which takes place on the first Saturday of November. These events are; the EdemFest Beach Carnival, the Hogbe Jams, and the Xetoto Arts Festival. These 3 you don’t want to miss out on.

On the side of sponsorship and patronage, the festival is sponsored largely by MTN Ghana, Airtel Tigo Ghana, Kasapreko Breweries among others. Many people travel from outside the country annually just to witness the rich display of culture by the Anlos. This is definitely the best festival in Ghana and you must try to join the next celebration.

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