Keta deserves more than a state of emergency for receiving the unannounced visits of tidal waves in the last few days which has washed away homes and left many people homeless. But there are still beautiful places in Keta and Trendsmaniac News has this to show you.

But amidst the trauma, the people of Keta are rising stronger and united more than ever under the concept of the adage, together we stand, divided we fall. Many natives of the land have taken onto social media to share their optimism that the land which is a backbone of the Anloland shall rise again and this time even stronger.

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Arriving In Keta From Havedzi

In our survey of everything that is going on, we bring you the beautiful Keta you did not know before the devastating tidal waves set it. You might be planning to visit the land this festive season but maybe scared as of now. Do not be as the land is still the land you know. Come along with us on this journey.

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The Beautiful Place In Keta You Did Not Know Before The Tragic Tidal Waves

Have you heard of the Aborigines Beach Resort? What about the Ocean View Hospitality Resort? Okay, maybe you know of the Keta Beach Hotel Resort? What of Eli Beach Resort? Okay, no problem.

These and many more beautiful places Keta has in stock to offer you a better holiday experience than you may have in the city of Accra or Kumasi.

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The beautiful Keta Beach is Home To Many People

Though there is the trendy news of Tidal Waves in Keta and the Ketu South areas in the Volta Region, the beautiful sceneries are still intact and are ready to host and serve you with the best of services they have to offer.

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If you are looking forward to celebrating your Christmas outside of your comfort zone, Keta is willing and ready to welcome and take care of you. You can have a taste of the amazing Akple and Aborbitadi, the special Akple and Amatadi (spinach stew). Sweet coconut that you might buy for GHC5.00 in the city, sold to you here at a cool GHC0.50p.

The Breezy Clean Resorts

In Accra, you are unable to witness the amazing efforts of the lovely fishermen to bring fish home for food. But here in Keta, resorts present a view of this amazing fishing activity and the songs that are sung by these people while the nets are being pulled from the water.

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Fishing is an amazing sight to behold and you must one day witness how fishermen are able to bring seafood home for you to consume.

The Fishing Boats That Bring Home The Seafood

If you are in Keta or want to travel to Keta, you must visit:

  1. Keta Beach Resort
  2. Aborigines Beach Resort
  3. Ocean View Hospitality Resort
  4. Eli Beach Resort
  5. Fort Prinzenstein

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