Every ethnic group, tribe, town, and city in Ghana has its boundaries and jurisdictions that are properly marked and made known to the people who live in them.  For the records, there are 36 States in the Anloland or the Anlo Kingdom. The Anloland, located in the coastal lines of the Volta Region which are made up generally of the Ewes in one of such groups. This article presents to you the 36 states of Anloland.

After their migration from the proverbial wicked King of Notsie, ‘King Agorkorli’ in modern-day Togo, the Ewes settled along their journey, and their settlement even though scattered, are bound together by the bond they shared back when they were still in captivity. With this, they have a common festival that holds them more than they can ever wish for.

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As is always the case with migration, you may settle where you find what you are looking for and that is exactly what the people of ancient Anloland did. As they move along the lonely scary journey to a land they have no knowledge of, they begin to settle with their families along the way far from their ruler.

These settlements are what has resulted in the great land and people you see today from the Anloland spread all over Ghana and the world.

Overlord of Anloland, Torgbi Sri with the Second Lady of Ghana, Mrs. Samira Bawumia- Right

The 36 States of Anloland

Below, you will find what exactly you’re looking for from Anloland. It is interesting to see just a section of a tribe be made up of 36 States. Check them:

1. Anyanui – comprises of Atiteti, Fuveme, Agorkedzi, Kporkporgbor, Bomigo, and Tunu

2. Dzita – comprises of Agbledomi, Batepe, and Akplorwotorkor

3. Atorkor – comprises of Amegatsekorpe and Dakordzi

4. Srorgboe which goes a long way to cover the town of  Salo

5. Whuti – comprises of the Genui town and other minor villages

6. Anloga which is the main seat of the Overlord of the Anloland and where everything happens

7. Woe an immediate neighbour of Anloga and Tegbi

8. Tegbi which is popular among the Anlos as ‘Kumatsoagbegbor’

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9. Dzelukorpe (‘Whuga’ alo ‘Zomayi’ si lor Vui, Tetekorpe, Tetevikorpe, kple Nukpesekorpe de eme).

10. Keta – comprises of Abutiakorpe, Kedzikorpe, and Adzido

11. Vodza, a town that covers the new Zongo

12. Kedzi which shares a land boundary with Blekusu along the Keta-Aflao road

13. Blekusu lone-standing towns around the coastal lines of the Anloland best known for marine fishing.

14. Agavedzi which is found along the Keta-Aflao stretch

15. Adina which comprises Amutinu, Agorko, and other small villages

16. Adafienu, a place of fish harvest

17. Denu which covers Xedzranawo, and Akame

18. Aflao, called among the Anlos as ‘Flawu’ which covers Viepe, Avoeme, Whudoaba. and other villages

19. Agbozume, the home of Nogokpo, and Sonuto

20. Klikor, a land of great people which share borders with Agbozume

21. Afiadenyigba which comprises Tengekorpe and some other adjoining communities

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22. Weta covers Avalavi or Awhalavi, Klenormadi, Atiteti Exi, Adzortsi, and others

23. Apipe in the dialect as ‘Afife’ which covers Agorvega, Tsiyinu, Kporkuve, Vume, Whute, Woxawhu, and other villages

24. Aborlorve – Norlorpi/Nolofi, a popular town of great heritage

25. Anyako-Konu, a land that covers Efe, and Seva

26. Sasieme which is originally pronounced as Fiasienyeame

27. Abor is a town that comes with Heluvi, Atsiame, Weme, Kutsime, and Kutsidzi

28. Tsiame comes with the villages of Netsime, Dorveme, and others that might sprout up

29. Asadame, a neighbour to the Tsiame community

30. Atiavi which in the olden days was called ”Adina” covers Hatorgodo, Agorvinu, Lawoasime, Hortagbor, Gbetuinu, Aveli and some other villages.

31. Kome as a town covers Fiaxor, Kodzi, Deta, Atsito, Latame, and Alakple.

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32. Shime, a big and that habours Tregui, Adzato, Agortoe, Klomikpota, Akploefudzi, Azanu, Badadzi, Nyikuto, Trekume, Bleamezado, Dosookorpe, Sakome, Hadota and others

33. Avenor which moves away from main Anlo to cover  Avenorpeme, Avenorpedo, Dzogadze, Xavi, Akatsi, Xikpo, Whute, and Atidzive.

34. Penyi, a town that shares a boundary with Dzodze and covers Kpoglu and some other towns

35. Dzodze a town that covers Kuli, Tadzewhu, Xevi, and other villages

36. Ave which comes with Afiadenyigba, Havi, Dakpa and their environs

So above, you have the 36 states of Anloland and the towns that occupy them. It is ideal to take note that though we have been able to mention all 36 states, not all towns in them are stated in the writeup.

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