The and its donor agencies have intiated steps to help the Ghanaian child who is just starting school to develop good read skills from the early grade hence the introduction of the T2E early grade reading intervention.

The T2E Early Grade Reading Program is an intervention that started in the local languages across the country. Under the phase 1, children from Kingdagarten to Primary 3 were helped to learn the letters and their sounds as well as letter blending in their various local languages.

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The phasre 2, which is actually what is referred to as T2E means ‘Transition to English’. The basic definition of this is that the children have already studied letters and their sounds from their immediate first language therefore, helping them gradually to move into the English Language was the best option.

Currently, the entire country is hooked onto the program and the Ghana Education Service has be and the supporting international body has been up to speed with the needed books and resources to put things in place for a smooth transition.

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