Some of us are in the United State, others in the United Kingdom, some in Canada, and others are in Africa. Whatever the case and where ever you are located, there is definitely a Starbucks Coffee shop near you.

You need an answer to the questions; what are Starbucks shop locations near me? What time does Starbucks open and close daily? Well, no need to worry because all your answers are in one place.

Starbucks as it is popularly known operates under the corporate name Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks is an American chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves which is currently regarded as the world’s largest coffeehouse chain.

The company is known to have many shops across the world. As of November 2021, the company counts 33,833 stores in 80 countries, of which at least 15,444 were located in the United States of America.

Starbucks Coffee Shops Near

Starbucks Coffee shops near you are:

  • Second Cup Dzorwulu – Call: 050 222 3355
  • Vida e Caffe – Call: 054 011 6995
  • Zara Coffee Shop – Call: 024 003 8025
  • Second Cup Coffee – Call: 059 158 4449
  • Vida e Caffè-East Legon – Call: 055 255 7325
  • Vida e Caffe-Airport Shell – Call: 054 012 2744
  • Vida e Caffe-Labone – Call: 024 320 0405
  • Vida e Caffè-Junction Mall – Call: 024 210 0908
  • Kents Cup – Call: 024 490 9028
  • Starbucks Coffee, Nottingham, United Kingdom – Call: +44 115 958 0871 (Address: 1 S Parade, Nottingham NG1 2JS, United Kingdom)
  • Starbucks Coffee, Bolton, United Kingdom – Call: +44 1204 559883 (Address: 162 Manchester Rd, Bolton BL2 1HE, United Kingdom)
  • Starbucks Coffee, London, United Kingdom – Call: +44 20 8567 1199( Address: 7 Oak Rd, London W5 3SS, United Kingdom)

Starbucks Near Me; Opening And Closing Time

Starbucks opens at 7:00 am (USA time) each day. However, circumstances may differ daily. Just have in mind that at most 8:00 am, all Starbucks shops are open and operational.

So when do Starbucks coffee shops close? Each day again may end differently depending on the customer size before dark. However, you must know that Starbucks Coffee shops close from 5:00 pm every day.


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