If you are in the gambling world, you already might have heard of various gambling avenues to use in making huge sums of money. For those of us in the sports bet category, Sporty bet, Sportybet Ghana, and Sportybet Nigeria is leading in making us rich.

Sports betting in recent times does not only come with football, soccer, basketball, and handball. The trend also involves car racing, motor racing, horse racing, casino, and other virtual forms of betting. This has increased interest in the market for those who are not fans of traditional bet forms like football, soccer, and basketball.

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Sportybet Ghana or Sportybet GH?

However the name may be, the result is always the most important in all. To use the sportybet platform in Ghana, you may have to head to Sportybet Dedicated Ghana Platform since every country that the company holds a license in has its own platform.

For those who are already registered with the company, all you need to Fastrack your betting process is the app which you can equally get from here.

Sportybet Account Creation

For those of us who have developed interest but are yet to get onto a great sports bet platform, here is the magic money-making platform for you. Just follow these few easy steps and join the winning team.

  1. Visit the website to register
  2. On the website, locate REGISTER at the upper right corner and hit it.
  3. Enter your mobile number without the zero and password
  4. Hit CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button and then you’re good to go
  5. Download the app from the main menu after registering since that makes betting easier.

Sportybet Betting Process

So you’re on the platform now and you need tips on how to begin betting. No need to worry at all because we are here to help you with every little detail you need to succeed.

First of all, you need to decide which of the markets you want to stake on. Markets include;

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Handball
  4. Car racing
  5. Casino
  6. Tennis
  7. Horse Racing and many others

Secondly, you need to deposit funds into your account. Click on the “DEPOSIT” button at the top of any of the interfaces you’re using (desktop, mobile, or app) and follow the prompt to deposit from your mobile number’s account.

Now head over to your market and start selecting which games you think will go through on your prediction. Note that once you make your selection, it is recorded below so just after you’re done, click on the selection below the screen, input the amount you want to use in betting, and then hit place bet and comfirm. You may also need some help from friends.


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