A Nigerian slay queen has gone viral in a trending video that sees her doing the unthinkable by having sękx with a dog in a bid to make money and live a large life.

With the said video cutting edges across social media, the hashtag #d0ggy is number 1 on Twitter. Now one of the ladies involved in this bizarre action has come out to clearly caution people to stop treating the matter like the world has ended.

According to the lady in a video, what she and her friends did was the easiest way of making money and it does not involve killing people to get it done after all she is not infected.

She further explained that while people are busy spending their time talking about her, she is also busy enjoying the 1.4 million naira she received for her action.

“What Is the big deal there. I only slept with a dog, I did not kill anybody. You in your life you’ve done worse. Besides in your life have you seen 1.4 million naira before? As if it’s a big deal, I only slept with a dog I did not kill anybody and mind you I’m not infected or anything so stop dying on the matter, I’m enjoying the money,” she said.

Watch the video here:

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