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A viral video captures a Ghanaian man in hot soup after a woman he bargained with began requesting more money after she rendered the services she was paid for.

All around the world, many people do anything they can in order to make ends meet and that is exactly what this viral video portrays after it made its way onto social media.

According to the narrative that followed in the video, the said man paid 20 cedis to engage the services on the lady who is an ashawo and also paid additional 20 cedis for the room they used.

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However, during the process of rendering the service paid for, something happened and at the end, the said lady requested that he pay more which led to some exchanges.

People who gathered also narrate what they saw and asked to know the cause of what they saw the man do to the woman which led to him narrating as such.

Watch the full video here on Instagram:

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