Ghanaian media personality and vibrant reggae artist Blakk Rasta is out again to pour out his anger on Ghana Police’s new friend as the two are known not to be friends for a long time coming.

Blakk Rasta born Abubakar Ahmed is a Ghanaian reggae musician and a radio presenter at Zylofon FM. He is best known for the song ‘Barack Obama’ sung in honor of the 44th U.S President. He was honored at a special dinner with President Obama on 11 July 2010 and that seems to have raised an eyebrow among some celebrities in the country of which we believe Shatta Wale is one.

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In his new lash out, the singer seems to be more furious for the fact that Wale is out on bail pending the final decision of the court against him as charged by the Ghana Police Service.

According to him, the ‘war’ between them become more intense as far back as 2015 when he lost his job with Hit FM, one of the country’s leading private radio channels. He said the first comments he saw online aside from the headlines that he lost his job were “you will lose your job if you try me” and “I’m the happiest person because Blakk Rasta lost his job”. All these he said were comments made by the dancehall artiste and that has been the painful start of it all.

It is an entertainment industry and togetherness beats the competition. On the back of this, we hope that the two celebs are able to find a way to resolve their differences so that life moves on.

Kindly watch the video in which he made these comments here and pray it ends well.

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