is now in the wilderness of love and nothing seems to be stopping him from displaying the things he does with his new girlfriend Elfreda.

Shatta Wale has shared a new video in which he shows Ghanaians what exactly too much love means when the statement is used by people who are in love.

In the video, Wale plays some cool tunes from himself while he takes Elfreda on the lips and with pretty k!sses and tight hugs. Truly if you have never been in love, you’re missing some nice things cus Shatta Wale is on a whole new level.

Shatta Wale took Ghanaians by surprise when he posted a picture of himself and a lady on a cruise in a very cozy mood. As always the case, Ghanaians quickly decipher the picture very quickly and begin to make follow-ups only to discover that he is in love.

Watch Shatta Wale and Elfreda here:

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