Sam George as he is popularly known in Ghana was born Samuel Nartey George. Sam George is a Ghanaian Legislator, standing in for the Ningo Prampram constituency in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The MP is popular across the length and breadth of the country because of his outspoken nature and in recent times his stance on the issue of the Proper Family Value bill which is commonly referred to as the Anti-LGBTQI+ Bill.

One part of Sam George’s life that you may not so much know about is the fact that he is so active on Facebook, one of the common and most used social media platforms over the past decade.

This article will introduce you to Sam George’s Facebook handle and his social media life so that you can find the latest Sam George news yourself as soon as possible.

Sam George

Sam George Facebook

As already mentioned, Sam George is active on Facebook to the extent that he tries as much as possible to use the platform in delivering his message to his constituents, the world, and the Ghanaians who use the platform too.

Hon. Sam George uses the Facebook handle, Hon. Samuel Nartey George so it is just easy for you to follow him and get updates from Parliamentary proceedings and other messages that he has for the world.

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