Nigerian actress, screenwriter, movie producer, brand ambassador, and social media influencer Ruth Kadiri has kept her relationship away from the press and the public until 2017 when she announced on social media that she was engaged.

To most of us, our interest is basically in the lifestyle of our favorite celebrities and those we actually crush on and want to meet. By this, the question that we ask most is, who is Ruth Kadiri’s husband, at least a picture of him will do.

In this article, we will shift our attention and largely focus on Ruth Kadiri’s husband. We will take a look at his pictures as well as those he shared with the pretty actress as well his name and what he does.

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Is Eddie Watson Ruth Kadiri’s Husband?

Eddie Watson born Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. is a Liberian-born Ghanaian actor and producer. Eddie has been largely associated with Ruth Kadiri as her husband. Is he really her husband?

Eddie Watson is not Ruth Kadiri’s husband. Ruth Kadiri is not married to Eddie Watson. Social media only took pictures of the two actors from a movie in which they became married.

In real life, Ruth Kadiri is not married to Eddi Watson Jr.

Ruth Kadiri and Eddie Watson

Who is Ruth Kadiri’s Husband in real life?

In real life, Ruth Kadiri is married. The actress announced her engagement on Instagram in 2017 after years of keeping her relationship a secret. Ruth Kadiri is married to a man who we only identify as Mr. Ezerika

Ruth Kadiri and husband Mr. Ezerika

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