Ruth Kadiri is a proud mother of 1 child who she celebrates like an already made celebrity. Well, the truth is celebrity kids are highly celebrated especially during events that bring memories and other celebrities together.

Ruth Kadiri who has been keeping her relationship and personal life off social media and from public scrutiny all of a sudden announced that she was engaged in December 2017.

Most people have had their doubts about the whole announcement charade as many say she was pregnant hence the impromptu announcement in order to seal and prevent the public from speaking when it finally shows. But it never did.

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Ruth Kadiri and Daughter

Ruth Kadiri Daughter

On August 26, 2019, Ruth Kadiri became a mother of a daughter. She announced the presence of her child to the world on the same platform she announced her engagement, Instagram.

Ruth named her daughter, Reign for reasons best known to her. Maybe she believes her child will conquer the world someday.

On her second birthday, she shared photos of her and wrote; “When you step into the house, darkness takes to its heels Cos that’s what you are darling a light to yourself, our lives and the world. Happy 2 years birthday to you,”

Ruth Kadiri’s Daughter, Reign

Ruth Kadiri Tribe

Ruth Kadiri if from Edo State. Edo State is one of the densely populated States in Nigeria. As dominant of the State, Ruth Kadiri is of the Igbo Tribe.

Though the State is a cosmopolitan area, it has four major ethnic groups; namely, Edo/Binis, Owan, Esan, and Afemai. Ruth Kadiri is a member of one of these Ethnic groups.

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