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Newly trained teachers on national service duty have been asked by the National Teaching Council (NTC) to do portfolio assessment even though the government’s proposed professional allowance is the fund allocated for this exercise which they are not entitled to till they are fully recruited.

This personnel has also been asked to produce lesson plans for the exercise to be successful. Meanwhile, majority of headteachers do not give the NSS persons lesson notebooks for their lesson planning.

Aside from the 2018 batch of teachers, other prior in-service teachers on the field have been awarded licenses without any licensure exams yet the National Teaching Council seeks to frustrate these poor Newly Trained Teachers the more.

Portfolio Assessment

The National Teaching Council Ghana has discarded licensure examinations written and is now threatening that should a Newly Qualified Teacher get below 60 percent from the scheduled assessment, he or she will be denied postings.

In a social media press statement by the leaders of the group, the NTC is advised to desist from the act. They said;

We want the whole process suspended and our licenses given to us just like it was given to in-service teachers.

We want the NTC to treat us just as they treated teachers on the field. We see this to be a deliberate attempt to render the newly trained teachers unemployed. We want the president and the minister of education to come in and help suspend this.

It will demotivate the assessment program because it’s not intended to serve the interest of teachers but some other authorities elsewhere.

The Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) are complaining of Ghana Education Service district officers not giving them the necessary orientation on what would be required of them at the end of their National Service duty which is also the induction period per the new teacher rank/grade system until they were briefed of the portfolio assessment by NTC through a Zoom meeting which could only admit 100 members.

Reference – Group leaders

George – 024 655 8124

Prince – 024 964 0016 


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  1. Nchor Jonathan Atarimah on

    This is absolutely not needed . Authorities should come to the aid of the teachers and stop all this challenges .My humble appeal

  2. I don’t understand all this portfolio work NTC is requesting from newly train teachers

    Precisely , these young train teachers sat and wrote the license exam and have passed. So my question is if this is also needed then what was the essence of the exams?

    Secondary, why is this NTC treating teacher of not assuming posting if the fail to comply to their rules

    After showing video of lesson and all other what impact will it bring to the teaching field and the development of the Nation

  3. I think the NPP government is not willing to employ teachers thats why they are in connivance with ntc trying to frustrate Newly trained teachers even after passing the license exams.Am highly disappointed in all the so called teacher unions in this country with the likes of GNAT, Concern, TTAG among others.They cant rise to occasion like this.

  4. In fact NTC is frustrating newly trained teachers. You conducted licensure for them, they passed all the three papers. What else do NTC need from them again.

    How can you organize a portfolio assessment training on zoom which takes only 100 people. This is not fair, most trained teachers don’t know what it entails in this portfolio assessment.

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