Do you love Pizza? I do too. Stick with me and I will tell you about one of my favorite pizza joints, the Pizzaman brand especially Pizzaman Kumasi Menu, pizza sizes, and prices.  I’m sure you’re wondering who owns this company. Wonder no more, Pizzaman is a venture started by two KNUST Kumasi students.

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The two friends Christian Boakye Yiadom and Ebenezer Essuman-Amankwah were Bsc students in Actuarial Science and Mathematics respectively. They both had unwavering support from another friend Prince Owusu who was also a student in Knust Kumasi then.

These three together gave birth to a business venture that has gone on to become a household name when it comes to pizza delivery services in Kumasi.

Pizzaman And Chickenman (Restaurant)

It all started after Christian Boakye Yiadom alias Cris B lost an SRC election in Knust Kumasi. The then-candidate Christian Boakye campaigned on the slogan “Go for It”.  After finishing fourth in the elections, Chris B was advised by a friend (Essuman-Amankwah Ebenezer – Now Chief Operations Officer ) to start a business.

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Chris B (now CEO) obviously took this advice which gave birth to the beautiful story of Pizzaman and Chickenman. Pizzaman is now serving all kinds of pizza and you can now order online at the comfort of your home or hostel.

Pizzaman Kumasi Menu, Pizza Sizes, And Prices

Moving on to their menu, the Pizzaman and ChickenMan menu offers a variety of Pizza and Meals for your taste and preference. The Pizzaman Kumasi menu has varieties on Meat Bites, Vegan Bites, and a Pizzaman Special.

While the Chickenman also offers varieties of Wings, Drumsticks, Sides,  Jollof/Fried rice buckets, and Combos.

Below is an image of the Pizzaman Kumasi menu and Chickenman menu from their official Twitter handle.


The Pizzaman Kumasi menu prices as seen from the image above vary depending on the size and variety of pizza you want. The prices range from 35gh least to 120gh highest all dependent on the size you’re ordering for.

In summary, the Pizzaman Kumasi menu has a great deal when it comes to Pizza services. One of the best in Kumasi hence the endorsement from celebrities across Ghana. Think of Pizza? Think Pizzaman Kumasi.

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