A pastor has revealed how an Angel of God was allegedly captured on camera during the crossover service on December 31, 2021/January 1, 2021, in Faith Foundation Ministries, Porto Novo in the Benin Republic.

Capturing an angel on camera is not a joke and for a man of God to reveal that it actually happened should be a matter of concern with hopes that it is not a ploy to capture more members in the new year.

But one very surprising thing about this development is the fact that the said captured able is seen to be in a white sneaker/canvas. This got many people asking if there are shoe factories in heaven of the angel got them here on earth just to blend in.

The said pastor wrote;


An ANGLE was captured on Camera during our cross over Night, on Friday 31th Dec, Exacting 12: 13 am,

I have never seen such a thing since l was born. We are in the day of great WONDERS.

This is God, Thank you, Jesus. For your great visitation and double wonders in Faith foundation ministries Porto Novo.The Benin Republic.

Ekuma Uche Philips gbere TV – IGTV Sahara Reporters Fr Kelvin Ugwu

This is wonderful, God still visit His people

Check out the supposed images of the angel and tell us what you think of this in the comment box:

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