Holiday experiences in Ghana can be mind-blowing if you’re able to select from the many tourist attractions the one(s) that best suit you at that moment you’re desperate to catch some fun. One of the very busy and highly sort after sites in the country is the Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary in Ghana. Because of this, we bring you every detail you’ll ever need to get access to the facility.

You must be a lover of animals to patronize the services of Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary. This is because the site showcases a variety of animals that you’ll see on an ordinary day or in an ordinary forest. With this great experience avenue, we know you’ll be happy to visit.

You must know that despite the name “wildlife”, the zone is not actually a “wildlife zone” as most of the animals are quite friendly.

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Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary

Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary is actually a bird sanctuary. The site is located in Kumasi, Ghana been home to many butterflies, over 140 species of birds, monkeys, and the more reclusive bushpig, bushbuck, and antelope. The region is rich with indigenous birds and some migrants. There are about 161 kinds of birds here and you will be exposed to a wide viewing experience that you can hold on to forever.

For a taste of the African rainforest while in Ghana, plan a trip to the Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary outside of Kumasi. The five-square-mile (13-square-kilometer) swath of secondary forest surrounds a sizable reservoir and attracts a variety of wildlife, most notably some 160 species of birds.

Many of the mammal species, like antelope that live in the sanctuary, are shy and difficult to spot, but monkey sightings are quite common. From a historical perspective, the sanctuary is of interest because its reservoir, formed by the construction of the Barekese Dam in 1971, is the source of Kumasi’s water.

Whether you come for the wildlife, the scenic appeal or to see the source of Kumasi’s water, the sanctuary makes for a pleasant escape from the often overwhelming clamor of Kumasi.

It is much easier now than before when you decide to find your way to this site. Get your directions on the google map here.


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