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NTC Suspends Portfolio Assessment For 2020/2021 Newly Qualified Teachers – GES Updates

The National Teaching Council seems to be an institution for the people and as listened to the cries of the same people they exist to serve after the NTC suspends portfolio assessment which the newly qualified teachers see as a tactic by the government to sabotage their recruitment into the Ghana Education Service after diligently servicing the country.

Over the past weeks,’ Ghana’s newly qualified teachers who are basically those trained from the accredited colleges of education and engaged in the one-year national service have been agitating for the relaxation of a decision of the NTC to assess them as a part of processes that would lead to their recruitment.

Well, their cries have been heard by the listening teacher standard control institution after the student leaders met with the registrar of the council to formally present their plights to him in a bid to solicit his support towards doing the right thing since to them the decision was quite impromptu.

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In a post made by the Ghana Education Service on their official Facebook handle, it is suggested that the council has finally decided to suspend the assessment, and engagements are put in place to do it in the future the right way.

According to them, those who are with the provisional licenses shall be recommended to the Ministry of Education for recruitment into the service and would do their assessment and professional development on the job as teachers.

It must be noted that the said suspension of portfolio assessment is not everlasting as it goes to affect only the 2020/2021 batches of recruits and those of the future.

Ghana Education Service wrote on why NTC Suspends Portfolio Assessment:

The National Teaching Council wishes to bring to the notice of all 2020/2021 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) that after extensive engagements with the executives of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG), the Council has decided to suspend the Portfolio Assessment for the 2020/2021 batch of NQTs who are about to complete their national service.
Those with provisional licenses shall be recommended for recruitment and subsequently undergo portfolio development and assessment upon their recruitment as teachers.
It must be emphasized that this suspension affects only 2020/2021 NQTs who are completing their national service in 2021.
Source: National Teaching Council.
NTC Suspends Portfolio Assessment
Source: Ghana Education Service

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