The kinds of Nigerian party food you get served will surely determine whether the party is a lavish one or is just one of the regular sugar solution ones. Definitely, you’ll have to gist your pals about the party, but what will you tell them?

Party and event organizers in Nigeria go through the hustle of preparing lovely menus that they hope guests will love what they are served and as well give good reviews about them for future gigs. Well, you don’t need to stress yourself if you need a menu for party food in Nigeria because we got you.

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Nigerian Party Food

Pepper Soup

If you’re starting the party with an appetizer, Pepper Soup will be a fine starter. Your guests will be amazed at such an introductory service offered to them. Pepper soup always whets the appetites of anyone that take a sip so be rest assured that your guests will stay till you tell them it’s over.

Small Chopps

You may also consider using Small Chopps as another fine introductory service to your invitees. This very tasty prime platter of finger foods will please everyone when it is at a table. In fact, you need to remember that food is the reason some people actually honored the invitation extended to them.

Jollof Rice

You know you can’t organize a Nigerian Party without Jollof Rice right? No Jollof rice means suicide to your mission because there is no single Nigerian-bred person who doesn’t find the food tasty. Bottom line is, you might be serving empty tables and chairs at your next event if people realize you are a planer without Jollof rice.


You’re sure to shoot to fame if you come to a Nigerian Party with Amala. Yes, Amala. There are some Nigerians who don’t actually like it. Eeerrm, yea about 0.1 percent of the entire population. The simple form of it all is that this food is highly patronized by a large chunk of the Nigerian people so you might want to consider that.

Ofala Rice and Stew

Look, this dish is a bomb if you ask me. You might want to ask your caterer if this can be offered by their outfit before you engage them. This is actually because Nigerians actually love the food to the max and you must consider that.

Asun and Snail

The party cannot end without a form of a desert on their tongues. Just as you started with pepper soup, you need to end with fried snails. See, the sight of this alone may send chills down the body of your guests.

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