Are you a traveler in Nigeria or are you a Nigerian who just needs help with getting some snacks for yourself between meals? Well, these Nigerian dishes and snacks will perfectly fit into what you need.

This article is going to focus solely on snacks locally made in Nigeria and nothing else so just get your pen a paper ready to make a list of those that you can actually get hold of now. For other forms of dishes, you might need, look here and here for help.

Now let’s get started…

Nigerian Dishes And Snacks

Nigerian Snacks recipes include Puff Puff, Nigerian Meat Pie, Chin Chin, Buns, Coconut Candy, Doughnuts, Fish Roll, and many others that we might not be able to come up with here..

These snacks are either baked, deep-fried or roasted. You can prepare all the Nigerian snacks recipes on this page in the comfort of your home after reading this post, what else would you be waiting for to get started?
1. Savoury Hot Cross Meat Pies 
These are actually special Nigerian snack packs that will whet your appetite after tasking them that you might want to pass that joint every day that you are out.

2. Peppered Puff Puff

Peppered Puff Puff brings some hot and spicy zing to the spongy Nigerian Puff Puff. Click to see how to prepare it.

3. Boiled Groundnuts (Boiled Peanuts)

Boiled Peanuts is a seasonal snack in Nigeria. Very easy to prepare if you have access to boiled peanuts (groundnuts) where you live.

4. Beef Skewers (Stick Meat)

If you want something close to Nigerian Suya and easy to make, try Beef Skewers. I bet you’ll come begging the seller for more after you first taste.

5. Plantain Chips

This crunchy snack is one of the most popular street foods in Lagos, Nigeria because it helps you munch away the time spent in Lagos gridlocks.

6. Nigerian Fish Roll

Nigerian Fish Roll is a deep-fried version of Nigerian Meat Pie with a fish filling. This is the Nigerian snack you should go for if you want to eat meat pie but you do not have an oven.

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